Sometimes people think AR and VR are the same thing. Augmented reality and Virtual Reality are increasingly used in technology, so knowing the difference is important Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality technology have attracted a lot of attention since the last couple of years.

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New augmented reality technology may not be as exciting as a virtual reality rollercoaster ride, but it may prove to be a very useful tool in our everyday lives. Augmented Reality does not move your presence physically or virtually it adds something to the present state thus giving an enhanced or augmented reality view.

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Virtual reality comes, naturally, from the definitions for both ‘virtual’ and ‘reality’. The definition of ‘virtual’ is near and reality is what we experience as human beings. So the term ‘virtual reality’ basically means ‘near-reality’. This could, of course, mean anything but it usually refers to a specific type of reality emulation.


Both technologies are meant to solve consumer problems and extend the brand’s connection to the customer through product visualization, customer experiences, and brand differentiation ‒ the most common use cases in retail.Augmented and Virtual realities have exceptional ability to alter our perception of the object viewed.

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Merging Physical and Virtual Realities

Virtual Reality Application creates a totally artificial environment; it is a computer-generated simulation of a realistic experience. Virtual Reality through goggles or visors takes us to a new world though not physically but virtually and hence the name virtual. It takes the user to a different place. It will isolate you from the existing surroundings and will enhance your senses with new reality within the headset attached. This phenomenon is now used in various other industrial sectors like education, real estate, and healthcare. Our team has worked in the field of education using VR. We have created many projects using Google Cardboard platform which is an economical option and gives a good VR experience. Are you ready to innovate!

Creating Immersive Experiences with AR & VR

PrimetechNXT has carved a niche in this fascinating and exciting field of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality. Our gamut of experience, pricing options, and professionalism has earned us popularity in this field. When we are hired to develop a project, We ensures the vision conceived by the customer is fulfilled. We deliver the project goals on time and within the stipulated budget. PrimetechNXT AR and VR App Development Services have helped our clients to meet their business objectives. Primtechnxt has clientele’s success upmost on their agenda and hence our team’s expertise in Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality offers them multiple solutions. Our team is proficient in C#, C/C++ which are the most used programming languages for AR/VR development. Primetechnxt has gained expertise by working in diverse sectors such as manufacturing, education, science, health, automobile, and other industries wherein AR and VR helps to simplify the complications involved. We have developed educational apps, medical simulation apps, engineering simulation apps, vocational apps, game-based learning apps.

The Primtechnxt team has worked with various target devices such as Oculus Rift (AR), Play Station (VR), Google Cardboard (AR), MS Hololens (AR) and Samsung’s Gear (VR). The Primetechnxt team has immense experience of working on projects related to App developers, Game designers, IDs, SMEs and UI & UX designers to deliver a fascinating final product. Contact us at

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