PrimetechNXT offers a wide range of independent software QA and testing services that adhere to the highest levels of security and industry standards. Using our testing labs, vast QA expertise and team flexibility, we are able to increase the quality of your product while reducing time-to-market, management risks and operating costs.


PrimetechNXT's QA team believes in upholding the paramount standards of quality for your services and products, by using a wide range of independent software for Quality Assurance and Testing services. We deliver diligent attention to detail at all levels of your business process. Your products and services need to go through this process so that your customer’s expectations are met with satisfactorily, which in turn gives a boost to your business in the market. The procedures at PrimetechNXT are carried out in a very disciplined and punctual manner, ensuring user-friendly final products. We do not only want to deliver products and services on time, but also manufacture it so that your customer finds gratification to the optimum level.

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PrimetechNXT ensures the quality of your products and services by testing its conduct, dependability and harmony across a large number of users, a diverse range of devices and the broad range of communication. We aim to evolve with each development in this sector. Our mobile application testing services

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Our team caters to testing the performance of your project on online and offline modes, across variety of Operating Systems, keeping in mind different hardware configurations. We take care to minimise software conflicts, security threats and obtain approval of necessary permissions.

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We ensure compatibility with all web browsers, across various devices and the complete cycle of web applications, including SaaS and Cloud-based Solutions, Content Management Systems and many more. We ensure backup and constant updation in case of connectivity loss so that your customer doesn't lose any data, also always making sure to control any security threat over the web.

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Experienced Testing Engineers Higher quality

Expert Quality Assurance and Testing team: PrimetechNXT QA and Testing team comprises of expert individuals within software development, each of who are more than excited to offer their best services to you.


We are devoted to listen to your needs, requirements and vision and deliver the best services at hand to help you in fulfilling your dreams. If your project is your baby, think of us as godparents.

Full-Cycle Testing

We do not want to leave any element of your product to its own fate and hence provide high-quality QA and Testing Services for every element throughout your product's development cycle, using integration testing, regression testing, black and white box testing, environment testing, performance testing, stress testing, localization testing and user acceptance testing.

Project Rescue

Our talented team is always enthusiastic to come in and restore a project that might be facing mid-cycle crises and bring it back to life. PrimetechNXT uses analytics, strategy and expertise to identify leaks in your project and repair them.

Support and Enhancement

PrimetechNXT believes in providing superior quality support and enhancement services, keeping in trend with the most advanced developments in technology, improving your product..

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