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This generation child is creative, good at logical thinking, Dreams of brilliant career, There is an exciting way NOW. Reach goals Faster.!! Students from different backgrounds are actively looking for some fruitful Leisure time activity.

We have developed an amazing Educational Do It Yourself (DIY) combo Kits - Robotic Arm, Spider Robo and Car Robo which comes with "how to do it" manual. It gives an amazing self learning experience to all age group of students.

Robotic Arm kit is equipped with Arduino microcontroller and comes with three optional controlling methods

  • Bluetooth/ Smart Phone Controlled
  • Joystick Remote Controlled (Optional)
  • Fully Autonomous Mode

Since Robotic Arm kit has Arduino as it's a core processing unit, it allows students to interface with different sensors like colour detection, accelerometer sensor and etc.

No need to wait further, Our DIY Robo making kits are available at your Doorstep. Order Now.!