Confidentiality – ensures that sensitive information are accessed only by an authorized person and kept away from those not authorized to possess them.

Protecting Client’s Intellectual Property With Respect To Information & Data.


At , confidentiality of your project and security of your data is of utmost importance. We have competent measures in place that ensure security of your data in our development center. Not only your data security is a critical element for maintaining long-term relationship with you, your data is what your business is based on and by taking care of your business, we take care of our business too. Here are a few bullet points that highlight the data security measures we take

  • Our entire Employee team need to sign a code of conduct and confidentiality, and non-disclosure agreements before beginning work with company.
  • Employees are reminded to their obligation to maintain Secrecy of the company proprietary information through regular training & Security audits.
  • Stored information in Archive is compartmentalized and accessible to only employees or a team working on section of the projects under Intellectual Property.
  • Required Physical Security arrangements, Network Related security are in place in the company.
  • Immediately revoking a departing employee’s ability to access any proprietary information.
  • Re-evaluation of working practices with security & legal experts every quarterly.

Secured Data Center (Computer room) : :

  • Restricted Computer room Environment. Entry permissible to Security Admin with proper screening & logs. .
  • Complete room under surveillance with camera in place.

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