PrimetechNXT combats the challenge of collecting, storing and analyzing your requirements of big data, using high-end technologies When taming the big data tidal wave, it's better to have a powerful, custom-fit solution at hand. Get expert-level data professionals to build yours. . .


IoT Data

Our model invokes predictive maintenance techniques and advanced analytic solutions for smart home automation, connected hospitals, and transportation, ensuring cost effectiveness and solving issues related to your business.

Customer Analytics

We help companies make key decisions to future-proof great customer experiences with tailored marketing & sales analytics systems, including high-load products like games, and analytics engines, by using market segmentation and predictive analysis.


We enable enterprises to design great data into the business process operations distributed across multiple systems - activity and data centric alike - using real-time dynamic analytics.


Our technological capacity is continuously evolving to incorporate the best tools and frameworks emerging on the technology landscape, with special attention to cloud-based and mobile Business Intelligence. Among others, we work with the following technologies:


Our excellence in Big Data & Business Intelligence solutions development , builds upon long-standing expertise in implementing well-orchestrated technologies, methodologies and tools across the entire data cycle. When setting up project teams, we pick up specialists whose background and skills align best with your project needs, thus customizing your team according to your requirements.

Business Analysts

If you have ever gotten lost navigating through the big data landscape, PrimetechNXT’s business analysts will help you come up with thorough understanding of the right goals and the shortest path to them.

Big Data Architects & Engineers

Driven by DevOps and rapid application development principles, our core dev team’s activities incorporate performance engineering and end-to-end software QA and testing.

Data Scientists

We are experts at orchestrating the cast of Business Intelligence technologies for a potentially multiplicative effect on the business along with curating the data veracity of the analysis pipeline.

Database Admins

PrimetechNXT’s expertise lies in designing a data warehouse that is reliable, scalable and fast, and also administering and enhancing a database environment that is effective, trouble-free and secure.

Artificial Intelligence: The Game Changer in IT

Artificial Intelligence is one of the hot topics that IT industry is hovering around these days. We know what the word ‘Intelligence’ concerns about. It is the ability to perceive, understand, predict and manipulate to solve problems in a world far larger and complicated than the degree of knowledge that one possess. Have you ever thought what if machines acquire this human capability of intelligence and start performing human tasks which require intelligence?

The advancements in the fields of Artificial Intelligence and Advanced Machine learning can make this distant dream a reality in the coming few years. From self-driving cars, to virtual assistants like Siri, Cortana and IBM’s Jeopardy defeating Watson, the science and engineering of creating intelligent machines or intelligent computer programs holds the potential to redefine the global IT world. The recent triumph of Google’s AI machine ‘Deep Mind’ over a human in one of the complex board games of ‘Go’ took the tech world into a surprise. This triumph of machine learning over the human intelligence sets apart more faith in the upcoming revolution in the AI world. As the relationship between humans and machines becomes more collaborative, and as machines gain intelligence to perform human tasks and routine activities without step by step guidance, we can say Artificial Intelligence hold the power to change the way we do things currently.

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Artificial Intelligence Categories

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  • ‘Artificial Narrow Intelligence (ANI):
    ANI is the weakest form of Artificial Intelligence. The machines with ANI capabilities can do a single task only. For example if the machine is intended to do chess game, it won’t be able to do anything else. ANI machines use a logic driven process to replicate human actions. It sifts through massive amounts of information and accurately extracts the relevant information. Many of the AI applications that we see currently are based on ANI.
  • Artificial General Intelligence (AGI):
    AGI machines hold strong intelligence or match with human level intelligence. AGI machines can successfully perform any intelligent tasks that a human being can do. AGI can be applied contextually where it use cognitive capabilities to arrive at decisions like human beings. It can simulate human reasoning and can extend it capabilities to a broad range of circumstances. We are still in the early stages of implementing AGI for addressing many real world problems
  • Artificial Super Intelligence (ASI):
    ASI machines are much smarter and faster than the best human brains in every field that human beings excel. It is considered to be the greatest opportunity for human beings at the same time industry experts are concerning that whether it can become the greatest threat as well.

If you have a big data or business intelligence requirement, our devoted team members will be very enthusiastic to get in touch with you, and walk you through the journey of developing a successful business strategy from big data.
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